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Below are my areas of expertise. If you are interested in improving your fitness in one or more of these subjects, or if you’re just beginning your fitness journey and are not sure where to start, please contact me or book a session, so I can help create the best plan for you. I train all my clients on a one-to-one basis either outdoors in the heart of Winchester or over Zoom from the comfort of your own home/garden. Every session is tailored to you for your specific goals.


Keyboard warrior? Dedicated driver? Sewing bee? Modern habits lead to poor posture and pain. Lots of success in core strength, correcting rounded shoulders and standing proud.


An exercise system that focuses on small precise movements and understanding your body. Gentle enough for anyone, effective enough to be recommended time and again by physiotherapists and doctors.


Runners, cyclists, golfers, skiers... whatever fun sports you love, keep the balanced body, your core strong, and build muscle whilst keeping maximum mobility and agility to keep you in the game. For all of us strength is so empowering to carry out every day tasks, our favourite activities, or just carry us upright without pain. It's also key to preventing osteoporosis in later life.


Drop a few pounds to fit into a favourite suit or dress, or time to shed a larger spare tyre that's putting you at high risk of disease. Fat loss goals are being achieved every week by my clients, join them!


A tumble on the ski-slopes or rugby pitch, a new part fitted, or a chronic joint problem? Whatever your injury or surgery you need to follow physio orders whilst keeping the rest of your body in tip top condition. Experienced help is here.


Unsure if you are making healthy choices? Help is here to tweak and tailor your menu.


HIIT, LIIT or something in between! Training in short intervals is a fun and super effective method. It feels like a series of playful challenges - and often is! Can include Boxercise boxing padwork, Spin bike, kettlebells, pull-ups, planks, TRX suspension training, agility ladder, balance work and much more. Tailored to your ability and level you'll get a great workout and sense of achievement moving towards your goals.

Bespoke Gym Training & Fitness Coaching

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