Back Pain & Posture Treatment

Back Pain Causes, Symptoms and How exercise helps.

Find out what you can do to help get relief from back pain

As a Personal Trainer in Winchester, I advise and train many clients with Back Pain issues who have either come to me directly for help or are referred by local Winchester physiotherapists. In this article, I’ll go over some of the reasons you may be experiencing problems and let you know what type of exercise could help reduce your Back Pain?

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If you’re affected by Back Pain, you’re not alone as over one-third of adults in the UK now say they regularly suffer from it. Back Pain can affect us at any age for a variety of reasons and can be uncomfortable and debilitating. It is a widespread reason for absence from work and for seeking medical treatment.

If your doctor or physio has advised more exercise, or you know poor posture is contributing to your health problems, but you’re unsure where to start, then help is here. If you’d like to book a 1 to 1 session with me at my pilates gym in Winchester, I’ll help identify your specific issues and put together a bespoke step by step training plan to ensure you are you do the best exercises for you in a safe, controlled way without straining yourself and causing further problems. It’s the first positive step to get on the path to a healthier body and a better quality of life.

1. Most common causes of back pain

For most people, Back Pain stems from strain, tension, or injury. Common causes are:

2. Lower back pain​

The biggest issue I see with new clients is Lower Back Pain with around half as many also experiencing upper Back Pain and neck pain. As we age the chance of developing lower back (lumbago) pain increases as the intricate structure of your lower back means that even a little damage to any part of the lumbar area may cause considerable pain and discomfort.

3. Reasons you may need to see a doctor about back pain​

In some cases, where there may be severe or persistent (chronic) pain a specific issue may need addressing such as:
I recommend that you see you consult your GP if you’ve had…

4. How to reduce back pain​

The good news for most clients is help is at hand, and there’s a lot you can do to improve your pain so you should be optimistic and recognise that your pain should reduce in time. Follow these steps to reduce your Back Pain:

5. The best exercises you can do to help with back pain

If your hamstrings are too tight, your lower back and sacroiliac joints will be stressed, leading to more pain. Hamstring stretching should be performed carefully, and many gentle stretching exercises should not hurt.
Correcting your posture often feels awkward at first as your body has become accustomed to sitting and standing in a particular way. However, with practice, good posture will become second nature and will ensure you benefit from a long term reduction in Back Pain.
To work the abdominal and back muscles, helping to strengthen muscles that protect the back. The muscles in your abs and back are a vital component in supporting your lower spine. These muscles often don’t have a good workout during the day and need to be specifically targeting through exercise.
Aims at improving core flexibility, including the spine, hips, and upper legs.

6. Sciatic nerve pain​

Another widespread issue is sciatic nerve pain which can be extremely painful. Sciatica is due to the sciatic nerve being pinched in your lower back. The sciatic nerve runs through your piriformis, a muscle located deep in your glutes. If the piriformis gets too tight, it can impinge the sciatic nerve, causing pain, tingling, and numbness in your leg. You feel pain originating in your buttock, radiating down your thigh. Stretching exercises can help reduce sciatic pain. Sometimes, stretching your piriformis may be enough to reduce the pain.

The best exercises for sciatic nerve pain are:

Workout with Sam Crane in Winchester​

Continued pain-free movement is what you and your back need, so it’s time to set some new goals. Let’s work out a programme to which you can look forward. Train for a charity event, join some new exercise classes, improve your favourite sport, learn a new skill like a handstand, get back to your smallest clothes size, whatever will keep you on track for staying active. Whenever you need my motivation and support, I’m here, whether that’s weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

7. Steps to relieve back pain​

If you are looking for help with exercises to reduce or prevent Back Pain, then please book your bespoke 1 to 1 session here. Through my science led research-based personal training you’ll receive the support and guidance you need to obtain the best results for YOUR body without worsening of any pre-existing issues. Everyone is different, and some clients will need to focus more on posture and core strength, some on mobility, some on imbalances. 

Here are some guidelines for what to expect when working with me in Winchester:

Stage 1 Why is there pain?

(usually 1-6 sessions)

Finding pain triggers – benchmark pain scores out of 50, establishing good posture (shoulders, breath, glutes), addressing the imbalance, self-care techniques – such as spine specialist Dr Stuart MGill’s big three and pilates exercises to begin building strength and stability to stay pain-free.

Stage 2 Building capability

(usually 6-10 sessions)

Developing power, control, better movement patterns, such as safe lifting, and faster movements.

Stage 3 Individual joints

(usually 3-6 sessions)

Ensuring proper motion and stability in all major joints and fine-tuning movement patterns.

Stage 4 FREEDOM!
Enjoy sustainable regular exercise combining balance, strength, power and endurance. Learn to respond to pre-pain cues.

What my clients say about me

If you are a client and would like to leave a Google review please click on the write a review link below. I love getting positive feedback from my clients!
I'm really pleased I found Sam. My core (and whole body) is much stronger already ..... all through a variety of simple but challenging exercises that keep it fun. She really knows her stuff! Highly recommend!
Simon Walsh
Simon W.
Sam is brilliant! She has been my PT for about 6 months. The results have been amazing and helped change my lifestyle for the better, through Sams extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition.I couldn’t recommend Sam more highly !!!
Matty Ross
Matty R.
Sam is very friendly and knowledgeable and a great PT. I’ve worked with her on Gravity, via Zoom and using TRX. She explains clearly and is encouraging me to improve my whole outlook. I look forward to my sessions each week and feel and see the results. I am so much stronger now. Can’t recommend highly enough!!
katja osgood
katja O.
I’ve been working with Sam as a personal trainers since 2018 after an accident for recovery and getting back to fitness, within 6 months I was back to fit and ready for the ski season! At the start of the first lockdown I started doing her Zoom group training as well as one to one training. Most recently we’ve been doing outside TRX sessions as well as the Zoom sessions. I have to say, the Zoom sessions work very well! Sam is super positive and so fun to work with, she also has a deep knowledge of biomechanics. She’s TRX trained her knowledge of the hundreds of TRX exercises is incredible. She is also incredibly knowledgable in Pilates, and how the body best responds, if you have issues or problems she has a good idea how to fix them!
Jack Clayton
Jack C.
I’ve only done three sessions with Sam but I can already feel The difference in my core. It’s great the time flies past and you get to reach parts of your body that are difficult with other forms of exercise, highly recommend
kathryn faulkner
kathryn F.
Sam's a great personal trainer - very knowledgeable, motivational and upbeat. We've been training outside using TRX, which has been great way to keep fit and stay safe during the pandemic.
Jen Ball
Jen B.
I have had personal training from Samantha for almost a years, and since lockdown began in March this has been via online Zoom video calls. It has been a great experience and my health has really improved a lot. Every session is perfectly designed for my fitness needs; improving my flexibility immensely and helping me lose almost 20kg so far this year. As someone on the autism spectrum I find the one-to-one interaction on Zoom very effective as I don't feel the pressure of trying to keep up with a group, or trying to make sense of a noisy and chaotic gym space. Samantha is an absolute professional, good at motivating me and helping me make the most of each session.
Christopher Hopper
Christopher H.
Sam has helped me achieve good results since I started training with her to improve my general fitness and upper body strength. She's an innovative, motivating and good humoured personal trainer and I've worked with her at a gym and remotely at home over a video call. Sam makes working out fun (despite making me work very hard!) and I look forward to our sessions. I have recommended Sam to my friends and family and will continue to do so.
Kaisa P
Kaisa P
Sam is a great trainer , having empathy will all fitness levels in a class making sure that everybody gets the help and encouragement they need. Sam focuses on technique to keep all safe and working hard, no short cuts, unless you want to! I would recommend her classes and her nutrition advice to anybody who wants to make a positive difference in their health and fitness.
Chris GW
Chris G.
Sam is an excellent trainer, and for me especially a gravity guru. She is also an amazing guide for your personal fitness journey, whether you simply need a fun motivator to push you to your limits, or if, like me, you are dealing with anxiety that happens to be triggered by some sports. Sam is so supportive, nudges and drives me were possible, and also knows when to let go and try something different. You couldn't be in better hands.
Carolin Esser-Miles
Carolin E.
Sam’s a friendly and very knowledgeable trainer helping me overcome long term mobility issues and offering some hope for a more pain free future. Can’t recommend her enough.
Steve Rich
Steve R.
I started Gravity classes with Sam in September and I love them! Sam’s super knowledge means that we rarely do the same exercise twice, keeping the classes challenging and varied. Sam is great with people and quickly understands her clients levels of ability therefore knows when to challenge or support. I feel stronger with every session!
Donna Ramus
Donna R.
Sam has helped me build strength in my glutes and core which has helped to stabilise my pelvis. I was really impressed by her approach to diagnosing my weak areas and since working with Sam I haven’t required my monthly chiropractic appointment! I feel so much stronger and genuinely look forward to my sessions with her. I’m pushed to my limits each time and have fun at the same time. I cant speak more highly of her.
Kathryn Wares
Kathryn W.
Wonderful Trainer and person !!! Since I am with Sam my back has improved a lot. No need for doctors anymore.She is very thoughtful in her training classes.I highly recommend her, no doubt!!
Sandra Beadle
Sandra B.
I've trained with Sam since developing a back injury a few years ago and she also helped me recover after breaking my collar bone skiing. I'm now stronger than I was before both injuries. Sam's sessions are tailored, tough and lots of fun.
Wendy Kilminster
Wendy K.
Sam is a brilliant PT, making every gym session fun and varied. I’ve always struggled to stick to a regular gym routine in the past but working with Sam has really helped with my motivation and attitude towards exercise. I’m much fitter than I have ever been before thanks to Sam’s training. Would definitely recommend.
James Everton
James E.
Sam is not just an amazing personal trainer : she is a real life changer!She is extremely knowledgeable and carefully plans each session according to my specific needs. She pushes me beyond my limits while keeping me fully engaged and smiling! As a result, I have never been so stronger and fitter - both physically and mentally - Can’t really recommend her highly enough!
Marie Christine
Marie C.
Sam is the perfect gravity coach for my style.Very acurate very clear and a good sence of humor.Paul
Live Strategy
Live S.
Sam is amazing. Having developed a well rounded body after years of eating and drinking, Sam was recommended to me.The difference she’s mad is unreal. Each session is different so I never get board, despite the diet being the same, I’ve lost two stone and ran the London marathon in just over four hours.
Andy C
Andy C
Sam is a fantastic personal trainer! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a PT in Winchester or even further afield.
Ben Sisson
Ben S.
Having never used a gravity trainer before I was very pleased to receive very clear and concise instructions as Samantha took me through an exercise routine. She gauged my level of fitness (or lack of it) perfectly and the hour sped by. She gave very good advice on my posture and how to improve it with a simple exercise.
Ann Crane
Ann C.
Sam does a great job of coaching technique whilst pushing you sufficiently so you feel like you’ve had a good work out, very friendly and good with people.
Richard Lane
Richard L.
Sam is a great motivator both through words of encouragement and explanation as well as physically making sure we use the equipment in the right way and are positioning our bodies in the right way. She is always cheerful and always gives a varied routine each week
John Kimmance
John K.
Sam was a great pt, was incredible at helping me with my hip problems. Would really recommend her to anybody, so sad I’m to far away to see her at the moment.
Charlotte Robins
Charlotte R.
Sam is very friendly and knowledgeable and a great PT. Can't recommend highly enough!!
Andrew Malem
Andrew M.
Jacqueline Dramby
Jacqueline D.
Sam is a fantastic trainer - really knows her stuff, happy to explain everything, and has taken the time to really understand my needs. Most importantly, I am seeing the results I had hoped for. If you need a trainer, go for Sam!
James Harrap
James H.
Samantha Crane Personal Training is rated 5 out of 5. Based on 27 reviews.
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