Fitness Classes in Winchester

Bespoke training for life-changing, lasting results

Achieve your goals with a stronger, healthier body Science-led training with impeccable consistency and attention to detail.

Indoor Cycling - Spinenergy Strength is an intense HIIT workout

Join me Wednesday 9.30am at New Energy Fitness, Winchester. SO23 8DQ

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  • Named like a storm you could be conquering Abby, Bart, Cara, Dave, Esme, Fred, Gabi, Hugo, Izzy, Joey or Katy.
  • All are 30 minutes of fun and intense work on new Keiser bikes split into 15 second intervals followed by 15 minutes of band strength work and stretching.
  • You are in charge of your gears, so you work at your ability, and can focus on power to work at a good intensity.
  • Unique to me, I begin by planning an intelligent cycling HIIT workout, and then use DJ software to fit music from different genres with the right bpm to ensure the music “fits” and provides maximum motivation.
  • A great anaerobic blast it torches calories and the afterburn will last up to 24 hours.

Gravity - Small Group Training, max 7

Join me Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday 10.30am at New Energy Fitness, Winchester. SO23 8DQ

GRAVITY is different. New and super effective, I am excited to work from the second studio in the whole of the UK. It’s dynamic — and you are always motivated, challenged, and surprised.

YOU will move with more agility, more balance, more confidence and more strength. I coach you every step of the way with professional, motivational and fun instruction. With a maximum of 7 in a group the team bond and camaraderie is great. Feed on the energy and endorphins from the team, and reach your goals.

Book here: New Energy Fitness