Online Personal Training with Sam Crane

If time is of the essence, then why not sign up for some online personal training sessions?

Whether it is a HIIT class in your hall, some cardio training in the conservatory or a motivational workout on your balcony, thanks to advancements in technology and video platforms, my online personal training sessions can be utilised by anyone, anywhere.

These virtual fitness classes are great as they are individually designed and adapted to suit you and your lifestyle.

What is online training?

My live online personal training sessions offer the perfect combination between face-to-face interaction, and your home comforts. Regardless of whether your workout objectives are centred around weight loss, building strength, improving health or boosting your fitness, these classes are fun, physical and guaranteed to get those endorphins pumping.

During these small, interactive classes I will take you through a range of different exercises that you can implement at home. All my online exercise classes follow the same principles as an in-person training session, with the only difference being that you’ll be able to work out and be back at your desk within the hour.

So, if you want to be held accountable for your fitness, then all you need to do is to book a time that suits you.

Table of contents

1. What are the benefits of online personal training?

Online personal training gives you the flexibility to work out when and with whom you may want to, and better still, you don’t even need to move a muscle (metaphorically speaking) to make it on time for your class!

My online personal training classes are:

  • Perfect for those who are time poor. We all struggle to find that perfect work/life balance, but when you train virtually you no longer have to choose between your health and to-do-list. Thanks to my online personal training sessions you can seamlessly weave exercise into your day-to-day lifestyle. No more taking time out to drive to and from your local gym or spending what feels like hours searching for a parking space! Instead, you can exercise in your lunch hour or use it as a way to unwind after work.
  • Easy to set up. As long as you have a 4G or internet connection, these workouts can be done on your own or in a small group; allowing you to enjoy the vibe you get from going to a gym, right in your own home or hotel room. You can even get your family and friends to join in – regardless of whether they live on the other side of the world – because when you train virtually, anything is possible. Plus, unlike pre-recorded workouts, during my online personal training sessions, I can give you feedback in real time and provide advice and encouragement along the way.
  • Pandemic-safe. Lockdown has definitely made us think differently about the way in which we train. So, if you are looking for a safe way to exercise, without the worry of a stop-start approach to your fitness routine, then these online personal training sessions offer the perfect solution. Plus, when you choose to workout at home you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you don’t need to wipe down or share equipment with others and the only person deep breathing will be you!
  • Set in familiar surroundings. Too hot, too cold, too loud…for some people gyms can be intimidating and often uncomfortable places to train. When you choose to sign up to one of my online personal training sessions you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. This means that you can set your own environment temperature – whether you like the windows open or the heat turned up – and even use household items to help you exercise. After all, who knew that sofas were great for assisting with squats, push ups and dips and door handles helpful for hanging resistance bands from?
  • Not weather dependent. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself during the cold winter months, or if inclement weather puts a stop to your outdoor workout, then an indoor online class could be just what you need to feel good. The great thing about being able to do your personal training virtually together, is that each session can incorporate either indoor or outdoor exercise, depending on the weather and your individual mood.

2. Who is suited to online personal training?

Anyone with a desire to keep fit and healthy can sign up for some online personal training sessions with me. No matter what your fitness level or ability, my workouts can be as diverse as you are.

I work either on a 1-1 basis where I can get to understand my client’s fitness habits and goals, or with couples and small groups who have the same mindset to train.

For those who enjoy a group environment, I also offer Zoom classes, where you can enjoy the adrenaline pumping atmosphere of working out with others, whilst revelling in all the benefits of being at home.

And you don’t need to have a home gym or all the gear! I know that everyone exercises differently, and whilst you do not need masses of room for my home workouts, it is always best to have a clear space for a clear mind. And if it is big enough for a mat, you can even designate it your ‘gym area’!

3. How online personal training works

I firmly believe in a personal approach to fitness. Regardless of whether we train in person or online, I work hard to create the best training programmes unique to each client’s fitness level, life stage and goals.

We’ll start by getting to know one another. This involves an in-depth chat to establish your aspirations, motivations, challenges and commitment levels. This will help determine how often and how long you want to work out for. Although each session is intense, it is built with your ability and objectives in mind and designed to easily fit in with your schedule.

Although most of my virtual workouts won’t require any equipment, if you have a TRX or some weights or bands to hand, then it provides even more options for exercise.

As for me, you will see my smiley face on the other side of the screen ready to motivate and correct your form.

It’s a great option if you are travelling away from home, self-isolating, live somewhere outside of Winchester, or just prefer the privacy and safety of your own space.

Professional online personal training with Samantha Crane, Winchester

My virtual personal training is less of a one-size-fits-all approach, and more of a tailored service meant to add value and strengthen relationships.

I specialise in Pilates, back pain & posture issues, muscle & core strength, weight loss, interval, TRX suspension training and sports rehabilitation. I can also give nutritional advice and provide you with tips and tricks on sticking to a healthy diet.

So if you are struggling to make exercise and wellbeing a priority, or are unable to participate in a group class at the gym, then my online personal training sessions could be just what you need to keep you on track with your body, mind and soul goals.

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