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Think that the TRX suspension trainer is just for athletes and the super fit? Not at all. I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of TRX with as many clients as I can, regardless of their fitness level. This highly versatile method of training is easy to learn and improves strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

What is TRX?

TRX is a form of resistance training and is short for Total-Body Resistance EXercise. The first suspension trainer was created and patented by Randy Hetrick a US Navy Seal officer in the late 1990s and has become a staple in gyms ever since. The basic idea is to use the body’s natural resistance to gravity to train and strengthen the muscles.

The TRX suspension trainer is comprised of adjustable straps with handles (or cradles) in which to place either your hands or feet. The end of the strap is fixed to a static, anchor point such as a door frame, ceiling or wall. With hands or feet placed in the cradles, you adjust the straps and partially suspend yourself over the ground in various positions while performing set exercises.

Traditional resistance training such as weightlifting uses props or machinery as resistance. With a suspension trainer, the body becomes that resistance, so it gives the user control and can be tailored to suit anyone. It is extremely versatile and can be done in most indoor and outdoor settings

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1. What are the benefits of TRX suspension trainers?

Suspension training has many rewards and has been proved to be effective in building muscle, improving core strength, flexibility, balance and posture. It is just as suited to beginners as it is to those looking to step up their fitness regime. It is even great for those recovering from injury or suffering from a lack of mobility. It really is a superb all-rounder and works your entire body in every session.
Samantha Crane with former U.S. Navy SEAL and TRX founder Randy Hetrick (left)
Samantha Crane with former U.S. Navy SEAL and TRX founder Randy Hetrick (left)

2. Who can do TRX suspension training?

I cannot stress enough how accessible suspension training is. Do not be put off by the jargon or ‘scary looking’ equipment. Whether you are a seasoned gym-goer or at the beginning of your fitness journey, TRX is totally adaptable and easy to learn. Regardless of your life stage or fitness level, I can help you get the most out of this amazing training method and conquer your fitness goals. If you’re new to TRX then I would always advise starting out under the supervision of a personal trainer to ensure that the equipment is properly secured and adjusted to ensure your comfort and safety.

3. What are TRX exercises?

TRX exercises are based on the seven types of resistance movements – push, pull, squat, plank, hinge, lunge and rotate. If you use the gym, do Pilates, calisthenics or an aerobics class of any kind, I’m sure you will be familiar with these terms. TRX takes it up a notch by suspending the body, forcing it to use core strength to stabilise itself as it completes each exercise.

There are literally hundreds of variations using different positions and anchor points. A high anchor point is used for training the upper body (eg. pull-ups), and a lower anchor point is generally used to train the lower body (eg. lunges). You can position yourself facing to, away or sideways from the suspension trainer, either standing or on the ground. It may seem as if there’s a lot to remember, but that’s where a personal trainer can add real value by guiding you through the process and building the right regime for you.

An example of the TRX Suspension Trainer in action:

4. Professional TRX suspension training with Samantha Crane in Winchester

I firmly believe in a personal approach to fitness and I work hard to create the best training programmes unique to each client’s fitness level, life stage and goals. TRX is all about using your own weight as resistance to improve your strength – it doesn’t get more personal than that! There are hundreds of different TRX exercises that can be adapted to create the perfect routine for everyone.

Suspension training can appear intimidating at first, but I assure you, once you get the basics your nerves will vanish and your confidence will rocket. I will be there every step of the way to ensure that you are using the equipment safely and introduce you to the techniques and exercises appropriate for you. I care a great deal about each and every one of my clients and should you choose to train with me I promise to keep you motivated and help you fall in love with TRX and fitness as a whole.

If you are already engaged in fitness, I can help to integrate suspension training into your regime to complement your other activities and also challenge you in new ways.

If you’re intrigued by the idea and would like to see what suspension training can do for you, please message Sam Crane Personal Training, we’d love to hear from you.

TRX outdoors, at home, in the gym or office

One of the big benefits of TRX is its portability. A suspension trainer is lightweight with few parts, so no gym required. Providing there’s a secure anchor we’re off.

In these days of social distancing, many of my clients are enjoying getting outdoors and training in the fresh air. A TRX suspension trainer can be fixed to anything secure – outdoor gym equipment, trees, lamp posts, park railings, you name it – so it is ideal for an alfresco workout.

If you prefer to do your sweating indoors, it’s easy to set up a suspension trainer over a door, and work via Zoom. You choose.

If you’re ready to unleash a fitter, stronger and happier you into the world, contact us to book a one-to-one professional TRX session. Your future self will thank you.

Frequently Asked TRX Questions

TRX suspension trainers are made up of heavy-duty, straps with stirrup-like handles on each end in which you place either your feet or hands. The end of the strap is anchored securely to a fixed point, such as a wall or ceiling, the height depending on which type of exercise you are performing. Once the hands or feet are in place, the body is suspended forcing it to stabilise itself against gravity as each exercise is carried out.
Suspension training is based on seven types of movement - push, pull, squat, plank, hinge, lunge and rotate. So it is a very effective way to improve muscle strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Although it is primarily a strength-building training method, it also provides a great cardio workout.
Fitness is personal. Everyone's body is different and burns calories at different rates. It's thought that you can use anything from 200 to 500 calories during a 60-minute TRX session, depending on your size and the intensity of the programme. Rather than getting bogged down in calories, focus on the fact that TRX is very efficient at burning fat and building lean muscle, so it will inevitably help to speed up your weight loss initiative.
Traditional forms of resistance training, such as lifting weights, isolate certain muscles during each exercise. Many weightlifters choose to combine TRX with lifting as it is very efficient at working a wide range of muscles at once. For those who are susceptible to injuries, TRX training offers a safer way to build muscle as it places substantially less strain on your joints. As with any strength or muscle building programme, progressive load is the key, and selecting exercises to target all the relevant muscles. That is where the experience of a personal trainer is invaluable.
One of the best things about TRX is that each session works your entire body, so even a one hour session each week will give noticeable changes within a couple of months. If you are looking for body composition changes then 2 sessions a week one pull focused and one push focussed yields great results. If you are just starting out, I would recommend at least one rest day between workouts. Those with a high level of fitness may consider including 10 or 20-minutes of TRX into their routine every day.
Anyone that has done squats before knows that it's a great exercise to shed fat and improve your strength. When combined with suspension training, the results are intensified as exercises such as the pistol squat become available to you. Even after just a few sessions, you will find that TRX pistol squats are more effective at building leg strength and shaping glutes than regular squats.
Yes! Although the main focus is to build muscle strength, including the core and improve balance and flexibility. It is certainly possible to get your heart pumping in a TRX session.

What my clients say about me

If you are a client and would like to leave a Google review please click on the write a review link below. I love getting positive feedback from my clients!
I'm really pleased I found Sam. My core (and whole body) is much stronger already ..... all through a variety of simple but challenging exercises that keep it fun. She really knows her stuff! Highly recommend!
Simon Walsh
Simon W.
Sam is brilliant! She has been my PT for about 6 months. The results have been amazing and helped change my lifestyle for the better, through Sams extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition.I couldn’t recommend Sam more highly !!!
Matty Ross
Matty R.
Sam is very friendly and knowledgeable and a great PT. I’ve worked with her on Gravity, via Zoom and using TRX. She explains clearly and is encouraging me to improve my whole outlook. I look forward to my sessions each week and feel and see the results. I am so much stronger now. Can’t recommend highly enough!!
katja osgood
katja O.
I’ve been working with Sam as a personal trainers since 2018 after an accident for recovery and getting back to fitness, within 6 months I was back to fit and ready for the ski season! At the start of the first lockdown I started doing her Zoom group training as well as one to one training. Most recently we’ve been doing outside TRX sessions as well as the Zoom sessions. I have to say, the Zoom sessions work very well! Sam is super positive and so fun to work with, she also has a deep knowledge of biomechanics. She’s TRX trained her knowledge of the hundreds of TRX exercises is incredible. She is also incredibly knowledgable in Pilates, and how the body best responds, if you have issues or problems she has a good idea how to fix them!
Jack Clayton
Jack C.
I’ve only done three sessions with Sam but I can already feel The difference in my core. It’s great the time flies past and you get to reach parts of your body that are difficult with other forms of exercise, highly recommend
kathryn faulkner
kathryn F.
Sam's a great personal trainer - very knowledgeable, motivational and upbeat. We've been training outside using TRX, which has been great way to keep fit and stay safe during the pandemic.
Jen Ball
Jen B.
I have had personal training from Samantha for almost a years, and since lockdown began in March this has been via online Zoom video calls. It has been a great experience and my health has really improved a lot. Every session is perfectly designed for my fitness needs; improving my flexibility immensely and helping me lose almost 20kg so far this year. As someone on the autism spectrum I find the one-to-one interaction on Zoom very effective as I don't feel the pressure of trying to keep up with a group, or trying to make sense of a noisy and chaotic gym space. Samantha is an absolute professional, good at motivating me and helping me make the most of each session.
Christopher Hopper
Christopher H.
Sam has helped me achieve good results since I started training with her to improve my general fitness and upper body strength. She's an innovative, motivating and good humoured personal trainer and I've worked with her at a gym and remotely at home over a video call. Sam makes working out fun (despite making me work very hard!) and I look forward to our sessions. I have recommended Sam to my friends and family and will continue to do so.
Kaisa P
Kaisa P
Sam is a great trainer , having empathy will all fitness levels in a class making sure that everybody gets the help and encouragement they need. Sam focuses on technique to keep all safe and working hard, no short cuts, unless you want to! I would recommend her classes and her nutrition advice to anybody who wants to make a positive difference in their health and fitness.
Chris GW
Chris G.
Sam is an excellent trainer, and for me especially a gravity guru. She is also an amazing guide for your personal fitness journey, whether you simply need a fun motivator to push you to your limits, or if, like me, you are dealing with anxiety that happens to be triggered by some sports. Sam is so supportive, nudges and drives me were possible, and also knows when to let go and try something different. You couldn't be in better hands.
Carolin Esser-Miles
Carolin E.
Sam’s a friendly and very knowledgeable trainer helping me overcome long term mobility issues and offering some hope for a more pain free future. Can’t recommend her enough.
Steve Rich
Steve R.
I started Gravity classes with Sam in September and I love them! Sam’s super knowledge means that we rarely do the same exercise twice, keeping the classes challenging and varied. Sam is great with people and quickly understands her clients levels of ability therefore knows when to challenge or support. I feel stronger with every session!
Donna Ramus
Donna R.
Sam has helped me build strength in my glutes and core which has helped to stabilise my pelvis. I was really impressed by her approach to diagnosing my weak areas and since working with Sam I haven’t required my monthly chiropractic appointment! I feel so much stronger and genuinely look forward to my sessions with her. I’m pushed to my limits each time and have fun at the same time. I cant speak more highly of her.
Kathryn Wares
Kathryn W.
Wonderful Trainer and person !!! Since I am with Sam my back has improved a lot. No need for doctors anymore.She is very thoughtful in her training classes.I highly recommend her, no doubt!!
Sandra Beadle
Sandra B.
I've trained with Sam since developing a back injury a few years ago and she also helped me recover after breaking my collar bone skiing. I'm now stronger than I was before both injuries. Sam's sessions are tailored, tough and lots of fun.
Wendy Kilminster
Wendy K.
Sam is a brilliant PT, making every gym session fun and varied. I’ve always struggled to stick to a regular gym routine in the past but working with Sam has really helped with my motivation and attitude towards exercise. I’m much fitter than I have ever been before thanks to Sam’s training. Would definitely recommend.
James Everton
James E.
Sam is not just an amazing personal trainer : she is a real life changer!She is extremely knowledgeable and carefully plans each session according to my specific needs. She pushes me beyond my limits while keeping me fully engaged and smiling! As a result, I have never been so stronger and fitter - both physically and mentally - Can’t really recommend her highly enough!
Marie Christine
Marie C.
Sam is the perfect gravity coach for my style.Very acurate very clear and a good sence of humor.Paul
Live Strategy
Live S.
Sam is amazing. Having developed a well rounded body after years of eating and drinking, Sam was recommended to me.The difference she’s mad is unreal. Each session is different so I never get board, despite the diet being the same, I’ve lost two stone and ran the London marathon in just over four hours.
Andy C
Andy C
Sam is a fantastic personal trainer! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a PT in Winchester or even further afield.
Ben Sisson
Ben S.
Having never used a gravity trainer before I was very pleased to receive very clear and concise instructions as Samantha took me through an exercise routine. She gauged my level of fitness (or lack of it) perfectly and the hour sped by. She gave very good advice on my posture and how to improve it with a simple exercise.
Ann Crane
Ann C.
Sam does a great job of coaching technique whilst pushing you sufficiently so you feel like you’ve had a good work out, very friendly and good with people.
Richard Lane
Richard L.
Sam is a great motivator both through words of encouragement and explanation as well as physically making sure we use the equipment in the right way and are positioning our bodies in the right way. She is always cheerful and always gives a varied routine each week
John Kimmance
John K.
Sam was a great pt, was incredible at helping me with my hip problems. Would really recommend her to anybody, so sad I’m to far away to see her at the moment.
Charlotte Robins
Charlotte R.
Sam is very friendly and knowledgeable and a great PT. Can't recommend highly enough!!
Andrew Malem
Andrew M.
Jacqueline Dramby
Jacqueline D.
Sam is a fantastic trainer - really knows her stuff, happy to explain everything, and has taken the time to really understand my needs. Most importantly, I am seeing the results I had hoped for. If you need a trainer, go for Sam!
James Harrap
James H.
Samantha Crane Personal Training is rated 5 out of 5. Based on 27 reviews.
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